By Dr. Cheryl Langley

There has never been a better time for our profession, or for students graduating and entering our profession.  In the 123 years since the birth of the Chiropractic profession more people than ever before are embracing the principles of chiropractic and are eager to understand how it can fit into their lives.  The question is, are you an innocent bystander or an active participant?  Why is it that in this fertile ground we are calling the “Wellness Revolution” are there still Chiropractors struggling?  What is it that makes some chiropractors in today’s health care environment have successful, stress-free practices, while others are frustrated and unfulfilled?  Most of the Chiropractors that I speak to tell me that they originally set out to make a difference; to help and serve people. So, what happened along the way?  Somehow or another they got off on the wrong track and ended up more focused on their bottom line than on the people they were seeking to help. Even starting with the best of intentions, many doctors can become sidetracked.

The beauty of chiropractic practice is that it can be an incredibly profitable, fun business when you are doing it for the right reasons, giving the best possible care and service with your chiropractic vision.  Doctors that are actively engaged in living the principle in their own lives, as well as proactively teaching the principled chiropractic message in their practices and their communities are experiencing record levels of financial profitability in their practices, while making a difference in peoples lives and having fun doing it. 

Chiropractic is now in a “post-acceptance” era.  Today’s healthcare consumer is looking for avenues to stay healthy and active, throughout every stage of their life.  They are looking for non-invasive, natural and safe methods of healthy living for their babies, their children, their parents, their siblings and themselves.  We are in a time when we are now seeing articles published in major newspapers and international news networks DAILY on the dangers of this drug or that surgery.  Once again, the question becomes:  Are you an innocent bystander or an active participant? 

Today’s successful chiropractors are implementing strategies that teach the public about chiropractic in a way that they can truly understand.  Evaluate your current marketing strategies and decide whether they position you as an active participant or an innocent bystander in this healthcare revolution.   If you are still using educational and marketing strategies from chiropractic’s “pre-acceptance” era, then you are probably struggling for every new patient you get and every nickel and dime you can get from their insurance.  How much more stressful could your practice be?  The time has never been riper than now to share the above-down-inside-out concept with your practice members and your community.  If they are not hearing this message from you, I can tell you that they are going somewhere else to get this information, and you won’t like where they’re going!

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

Is my practice a reflection of what I truly want?  Are you only interested in patients because of their managed care plans, or do I want a practice that takes care of children and adults because they want to be as healthy as they can be?

Do I have systems in place in my office that will allow my business to run smoothly and congruently, AND allow me to focus on the people in my practice and give the best care to them as I possibly can?

Am I stuck in an insurance dependent model or have I broken free from the bondage of the insurance collections mindset?

Do I have the team around me that can implement my practice systems, allowing me to be free to go to work doing what I love—taking care of people?

Do I encourage people to come with their families to get checked and adjusted together?  Is the flow in my office designed to accommodate only one person at a time, or whole families at a time?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, you owe it to yourself to check out our 52 Weeks to Success and Prosperity in a Principled Practice program.  Dr. Rick Franks and I have been helping Chiropractors build their dream practices for more than 30 years.  We can help you get to your next level, too!

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There is no doubt that your community is looking for a caring, compassionate teacher to be their family’s chiropractor.  Make sure they can count on you by being the best Chiropractor you can be.  Don’t settle for anything less. 



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