Want Individualized Training Also?
Our one -on-one personal coaching is another service we offer to help you achieve your goals of having a successful practice. It’s just another tool we offer in addition to the 52 weekly plan of action we give you.We realize that all too often some of us need someone to hold our feet to the fire or we just need to verbally review our plans, questions, etc. Enter Dr. Cheryl Langley, Dr. Langley has been associated with me for almost 28 years now, beginning as a CA in my office, to practicing with me for many years.

She went on to achieve many titles including Chiropractor the Year in Georgia and President of the Georgia Chiropractic Council. Dr. Cheryl has been mentoring and coaching doctors for the past 10 years and brings her talents to 52 Weeks in order to make sure that you are accountable to yourself. If you are interested in adding her tele-coaching to your program, please message us on our private FB site. We’ll find out what you are looking for and see how we can accommodate your needs.


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Thanks so much for coming...The team was really excited to have you and learn so much from you to improve our game, better help our patients and serve more patients.
A terrific experience
Dr. Serge Sautre

June 20, 2017