Doctor, Have You Ever Wondered How Many People You’re Losing BEFORE They Visit Your Office?

You're open for business, you've done all the necessary office preparation, and everything is set...or is it?

Think about’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your education, training, and setting up your business. You’ve dedicated your whole life to this endeavor and risked everything on it. Then you hire someone right out of high school but don't train her, and place her at your front desk to be the FIRST person your potential patient contacts! Literally everything you’ve done now rests in this recent high school graduate’s lap! That’s SCARY!

Think about this Doctor...if you’re losing just one patient per week because of poor/non existent phone communication from your front desk CA and each patient averages $2,000/case, that's over $100,000 lost revenue BEFORE YOU START!


First things first. Let’s do an audit. We'll do the work for you and find out just how good your gatekeeper is. You absolutely NEED TO KNOW just how strong your front desk is so that you can rest easy, knowing that you’re not losing thousands of dollars EVERY WEEK because of “holes in your bucket”!

Not only is it important to know that your CA is giving the right information to the prospective patient, it’s just as important that she is working to “SECURE THE DEAL” and MAKE THE APPOINTMENT!

Here’s What We Can Do For You!

We’ll do all the work for you! An experienced CA will call your office (we’ll even record the call for you). She’ll engage your CA and ask a few questions to see how she handles the situation.  She’ll make an appointment while taking diligent notes using our “CA Report Card”.  She'll then call back the next day to cancel the appointment and continue with the grading in order to see how well that’s handled.

We’ll then review the calls and set up a time to review them with you over the phone at your convenience. This will give you a good insight into the competency level of your staff and where you might be losing a lot of patients and money through those “holes”. In our experience, it is usually a big eye opener for the doctor!

Doctor, even if you’ve thoroughly trained your staff, isn’t it worth it to know that they are doing their job right?

Here’s the Bottom Line…

Just as you should constantly audit your personal practice procedures, you should be auditing your front desk procedures.

So How Much Is It?

This whole process of setting up and making the call and the cancellation call (made by experienced CAs), grading both calls and following up with a phone call to you, giving you a “Report of Findings written report” with a list of suggestions to improve this service takes time and effort. As private consultants we normally charge $395 for this service. But as a special offer for the general chiropractic public (and for a short time only) we are offering this service for a special price of only $185. That’s right! You'll get the same exact service we normally give for this special price.

What Are You Waiting For?

With this special price, our times will fill up very quickly, so you really need to act now. You need to know how well your staff is doing. Let us help you find and fill those “holes in your bucket”. What are you waiting for?


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