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This is where you will register for all of the events we have scheduled over the year.

Read each event’s description and if you decide you want to attend, then click the link for that event to go the registration page.

Below are the dates to our upcoming Webinars.  Mark your calendars and register early so you don't miss one!

An Interview with Dr. Dean Fuller, Chiropractor Extraordinaire Register here for the Webinar
Students Only: Should I Associate?  The webinar EVERY student needs to watch!
Click to Register
External Marketing:Tips and Ideas to Build Your Practice Starting Tomorrow! Click to register


Internal Marketing:Building Your Practice From Inside-Out Click to register
Spinal Screenings…The Correct Way to Get People to WANT to Come See YOU! Register Here for the Webinar


Student Loans. What are your options? Click here to register.
Your Income Systems…Going from Insurance to Cash, LEGALLY. This is a MUST SEE! Register here for the Webinar
Students Only! How to Create a Successful Internship Program…An Interview with Charles Manteii, Life University student  Register here for the Webinar
Managing Your Insurance System, the Most Efficient Way Possible: An Interview with Tanya Russell, Billing and Coding Expert  Register here for the Webinar
Setting Up Your Organization to run like a Machine! Coming soon!
Learn What All Successful Chiropractors Do  Register here for the Webinar
Your Goal Setting Workshop  Register here for the Webinar