Vince Lombardi, Hall of Fame Coach for the Green Bay Packers and winner of the first two Super Bowls said, “We don’t do anything differently than anybody else. We just became BRILLIANT AT THE BASICS!”

Hello and welcome to our first 52 Weeks to Success Newsletter! If you are a student with us, we hope you are enjoying your course work and your practice is benefiting from all the new competency that you are gaining. Remember, the goal is NOT to get bigger but to get better. When you get better the world will make you bigger! Think about that!

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you up to date on all the new things that are developing right now at 52 Weeks. We told you when you signed up that we were going to over deliver and we are working very hard to keep our promise!

For instance, in case you didn’t know, we now have a fully functioning CA Training Course to help you and your staff constantly train to get better themselves and thus give better service to your patients. See the article directly below for more details.

Also, below that, we’ll show you a sneak peak of many of the upcoming webinars we have in store for you! You won’t want to miss any of them. And they’re all part of your program!

52 Weeks to Success CA Training Course is UP and RUNNING!

Probably the most important aspect of your office is your staff. Just as a highly trained staff can help grow your practice, a poorly trained staff can RUIN it!

Unfortunately, many doctors don’t know the first thing about hiring and training staff members. That’s why Dr. Cheryl Langley and I put our heads and our 60+ years of experience together and came up with what we believe is the premier CA Training Course in the country!

If you haven’t joined this program yet, take a look at what it offers by clicking here. Make sure you watch the short video with Dr. Cheryl and I as it explains everything your staff will need to know to make your office the premier office in your area!

Not only will your staff have constant Benchmarks to attain, you will be able to monitor their progress with the worksheets that they fill out for you.

In addition to that, Dr. Cheryl will be doing bi monthly Webinars during lunch time so that you can have actual LIVE training sessions with her. No other CA Training Program is doing that!
Have You Visited Our New Events Page?

Because 52 Weeks is growing so fast, we thought it would be nice to put all our upcoming events on a single page so that you could easily find it. Simply go to the 52 Weeks home page and click on the EVENTS tab. Or you can click here to access it now! We’ve already had 5 FREE webinars with many more in the works, so check in often in order to keep up with the action!

Thank You For Your Support!!!

For 38+ years I have been 100% committed to helping others through this wonderful profession called chiropractic.

Never in a million years would I have thought that one day I would be creating, writing and running an online training program for other chiropractors! If you don’t believe me, ask my English teacher! (Boy I wish she was around, we would have a little talk!)

What I am trying to say is, thank you so much for your support in getting this program off the ground. It is growing much faster than I ever imagined, but as I constantly teach, as soon as you can see it in your mind and believe it, you can achieve it!

Now I am asking for a small favor. Those of you that are taking one or more of these courses knows that we are giving you much more bang for your buck than what you are paying and that’s OK. What I am trying to do is fulfill my mission on this earth by getting principled chiropractic to as many people as possible.

My asking favor of you is to simply pass this newsletter on to others that you think might benefit from these services. Or better yet, tell them. We don’t need any more chiropractors going out of business! Help us help others save many more lives through these teachings. Remember, most of this stuff is NOT mine but a conglomeration of the greatest chiropractors in the history of the world that I had the chance to learn from. I’m simply trying to pass on their wisdom so that we all prosper in every way possible.

God Bless and thank you again for being with us! Much more to come!

Dr. Rick Franks
Dr. Cheryl Langley


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